Recycle bin holder to cover those menacing boxes and to make recycling segregation easier.
>Designed to fit all recycling boxes in the UK

>Made from pressure-treated timber boards

>The solution to storing recycling boxes

>Ideal for exterior or interior use

>Keeps boxes tidy

>Easy access

>Makes separating recyclables easier

>Created and hand made in the UK, Shropshire

>Natural timber colour finish

>Weatherproof glued joints

>Quick and easy to assemble

>Boxes not included

>>Height between ground and bottom shelf = 395mm (Max width 425mm)

>Height between bottom shelf and top shelf= 395mm (Max width 425mm)

>Height between top shelf and wooden roof = 425mm

Recycling Storage Standard 3 box WOODEN ROOF

  • Height: 142cm

    Width: 56cm

    Depth: 61cm